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Tips to prepare for weight loss

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When you decide to compete in a sporting event, it is understood that you need to train for it. The same logic applies to weight loss too.

A very important and vital component for fast weight loss to success is being mentally and physically prepared as it involves preparations for new changes that will occur. Imagine a diet as a training routine to break away from old bad habits and incorporate transformative changes. In this article, you will learn the ways to prepare for weight loss.

One such strategy is seeking the help of medically certified weight-loss experts to identify the core of your goals and obstacles and find solutions for them. Centers that follow the protocol of the very low-calorie ketogenic diet have shown effective results. It can be challenging but with proper guidance, you will be able to gather the focus and determination to achieve weight loss in a healthy way.

Understanding how extreme weight loss can be achieved allows you to create a foundation that will help you in the long-run, and help you understand the fundamental points to secure a fast weight loss effectively and embarking you towards positive changes in your lifestyle.

Tips to Mentally prepare for Weight Loss

Before you consider any changes, prepare a checklist that will help you succeed. These are the best tips to mentally prepare for weight loss.

(1) What are your weight loss goals?

Always set realistic and specific goals!

By having the right mindset, you can understand why you want to lose weight. It can simply be that you want to look and feel better about yourself, reducing the extra weight because you are low on energy and feel tired all the time, or plainly put it, you are uncomfortable with the type of clothes you are bound to wear rather than what you want to wear.

Other reasons may be specifically related to health, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure. These reasons are usually a smack on the face or a wake-up call which can be significant to build motivation for weight loss and the benefits that come.

By establishing short-term goals in your progress, you can stay motivated. By simply being focused on your end goal, there is little room to get discouraged and take you off track. Start by keeping an account of your weight loss changes weekly rather than daily, and sets a progressive pace that keeps things steady because you are taking small but impactful steps.

Your rapid weight loss goals need an action plan that is doable and realistic, so take the time to understand what you should be gaining physically and mentally as you lose weight. For example, is your muscle mass maintained while fat loss occurs in the diet? How do you overcome hunger cravings – to name a few.

(2) So many diets out there but which one will work?

There are several weight-loss diets that have bombarded us with ways of churning out quick results. However, one type of diet that is gaining the spotlight is the ketogenic diet. There are many approaches to the keto diet that guarantees results but this can put you in a state of conflict, which one really works and is safe?

All Ketogenic diets have a standard approach, basically, it involves a low carbohydrate intake i.e. less than 50 gms per day. However, the intake of total calories, fat, and normal protein varies. Most of these keto diets involve high fat intake. Although effective, it is not sustainable and may also be very risky if you are not monitored carefully by medically certified health experts.

One ketogenic diet that stands apart is the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet, which involves a low intake of carbohydrates (less than 50 gms), low in fat (less than 10 gms), and includes the intake of High Biological Value Protein. Unlike other keto diets, the VLCK Diet puts you into a state called controlled ketosis that quickly starts burning fat resulting in rapid weight loss while your muscle mass is preserved. Several studies in the past 20+ years have shown the efficacy of the protocol and its safety.

In India, there is only one weight loss center that follows the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet, ProGen Weight Management.

(3) Seek the help of weight-loss experts

You can opt to follow a ketogenic diet but if you are not prepared or fully aware of the setbacks you may face, it is not the best approach to get into this alone as it can also affect your health. When you decide that it is time to lose weight for life, seek an appointment with medically certified health experts.

Consulting coaches with medical certifications and who are experts in the keto diet can be an added bonus. When they are able to provide you with valuable insights and personalize the diet according to your health and weight parameters, this is a sign that the program is result-oriented and has efficacy. Another added service to consider is when they also take into consideration any medical conditions and the diet is tailored based on your conditions.

The reason most people break away from a weight loss regime is due to the fact the plan that has been suggested does not provide effective results or does not help you see results quickly. Hence, when you choose a diet coach who administers a very low-calorie ketogenic diet, you will get the support that is needed to achieve your goal.

For the protocol of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic diet, there is only one weight loss center in India that includes the guidance of a multidisciplinary team where you have the support of doctors, dietitians, physical trainers, psychological and lifestyle coaches. An end-to-end support system is what helps you get mentally and physically prepared to face any challenges ahead.

Health should not be a compromise when you consider the cost involved. This is a fact especially when you are able to see clear improvements in your mind and body.

(4) Create a journal for your food and fitness activities

Keeping a log of your food and fitness activities is key to weight loss success. If you decide on choosing software, an app, or simply a physical book, commit to tracking consistently every aspect of your weight loss; right from every meal, a single bite of a snack, and a number of reps of your exercise regime. When you record every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), you will witness a pattern emerge. This is a strategic approach that will help you evaluate and find solutions to problems that have impeded previous efforts of losing weight.

(5) Just believe in yourself

If you have been unsuccessful with weight loss in the past, it doesn’t mean that you will be unsuccessful again. It is essential to stay focused on your goal taking it one step at a time. With the right support and a proper diet plan in place, achieving your weight loss goals will not take much time as you will see signs that you are taking the right approach.

You should understand that weight loss fluctuates. This should not dishearten your weight loss routine to the point where you go off course. This may result in overeating or having cheat meals quite often. Just stay consistent and patient, you will get there soon and without realizing it, you will start getting closer to your goal.

(6) Staying motivated is the key to Success

Think about the reasons pushing you to lose weight. By keeping these reasons ahead in your mind through the course of a keto diet, you can stay focused on your end goal.

There are a few weight loss service providers that offer psychological coaching to help you stay on track. This coaching provides someone to talk to when you’re struggling with your weight. They also help in alleviating any insecurities caused by your appearance or when you are feeling discouraged or down. Also, consider taking the support of friends or family who are facing the same problems. Ask them to be your diet companion which can also lead to motivating each other.

Having low self-esteem can be a driving force for many people who struggle with their weight. Dieting can be a state of great tribulation if one has insecurities of body image and negative thoughts. Avoid confrontations or situations where people sabotage your efforts by shaming you. The best thing to do is simply ignore them.

Another significant factor is how you look at food during your diet. Letting go of any guilt related to your eating habits such as being told never to leave food on your plate or eating fast. Think about what is more important for you, your health, or the excess food you have to force yourself to finish in order to prevent it from going into the trash.

These are small but crucial elements that can make or break your motivation.

(7) Understanding your body signals

Hunger signals can be very confusing if you don’t know how to distinguish them. Feeling hunger is a natural sensation and should not be feared. Being able to describe your level of hunger and understanding the best times to eat during the day can help you keep your intake come under control.

Misreading hunger signals can be dangerous especially when you are on the keto diet. One way of looking at hunger signals is understanding the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. A hungry person is someone who will eat anything to stop a rumbling stomach whereas someone who has a hunger that is emotionally driven usually craves a specific type of food or taste. In other words, it can also be a significant sign which causes a person to stress eating.

Physical hunger is one of the most common hunger signals and can leave you in a dilemma, what should I eat? This is why the guidance of health experts helps. They will be able to guide you with effective weight loss tips that can help you overcome sudden hunger pangs

If stress causes you to eat, try following these tips to break the habit:

– Talk to your dietitian about this or a friend when stress causes your problems

– Redirect your food choices. Opt for a healthy snack over a poor one, such as fried food with something that is grilled

– Do a chore or something that involves physically moving and distracting your mind from any form of hunger cravings

– Don’t react immediately when you have hunger cravings. Wait for 10-15 min before you respond to an urge for a snack or eat something.

When you have more clarity on the differences you will be able to handle your calorie intake in a better way. Prepare an assessment to see what can help you reduce stress such as reading, exercising, or getting engaged with any kind of work.

(8) Sleep should not be ignored

Getting good sleep goes hand-in-hand with eating right and exercising. It plays a very important role in your weight loss and maintenance. Getting an average of 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day plays an important role in helping the body recover and maintain essential body functions.

Lack of sleep can alter your body’s response to food and is linked to higher body mass index (BMI) and weight gain. One of the most common setbacks of bad sleep is an increase in appetite which may cause resistance towards food intake or portion control usually leaning to consume foods high in calories, fats, and carbs.

When you do a Very Low-calorie Ketogenic Diet, you will also see an improvement in your sleep patterns as medically certified health professionals guide you through meal timing schedules that cycle between voluntarily fasting and non-fasting over the period of the diet.

This approach has shown that over time, you can create a fixed time for sleep due to a new disciplinary approach that you have incorporated into your lifestyle. It may be emphasized that improved sleep patterns have long-term benefits.

(9) Exercising is essential for all-round weight loss

It is a known fact that weight loss is only successful when you diet and also exercise. Being physically active during weight loss helps the body tone when you shed weight. In addition, exercising helps strengthen and improve the quality of your muscles, increase energy, and over time if you choose to pursue your fitness goals to achieve the aesthetics that you long desired; a sculpted body and 6-pack abs. Yes, everything is possible.

When you undergo the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet, you are recommended to exercise because the protocol targets 3 of the most crucial fat types in the body during weight loss – subcutaneous, visceral, and intramuscular fat.

Weight loss centers in Bangalore that follow the protocol of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic diet also provide personal training programs as they exercise routines also known a Mitochondrial Activation Training tones and targets intra-muscular fat around the muscles.

Bottom Line

Weight loss can be achieved when you are both mentally and physically strong. By consulting with medically certified weight loss service providers who administer a Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet, you can see results quickly. This diet type gives short-term results which can be sustained for the long term.

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