Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain

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Viji Suresh
Thanks a ton to Progen Weight Management. It was a hassle-free journey of weight / inch loss. Never expected that I could ever get into some of my favorite dresses ever again. Thanks to Prem for his efficient and effective monitoring during the exercise sessions and of course Pooja for her strict monitoring of my diet and all the support. Thanks a lot to the entire Progen Team.
Krati Vyas
After struggling with my weight and eventually its impact on my health for years, this is the first time I am happy with my weight and how I look. This was not only a change in my bodyweight but also in my lifestyle. Today I feel much more confident and healthy after losing 22 kgs. All thanks to the team Progen for constantly watching over me and the continuous motivation.
Lalit Agarwal
What a journey I will say. I started with Progen with weight of 106 kgs and was struggling to even lose few kgs. Progen gave me the confidence and self belief that with proper discipline I should be able to reach my goal which has come to an end point where I have reached 80 kgs in 3 months. Thanks a lot to the whole Progen Team which is more like a family.
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