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How does it work?

There are many diet to lose weight, but only the ProGen Method which employs Ketosis to lose weight can help you to lose weight quickly and at the expense of fat tissue exclusively. ProGen Method is a program managed by an expert panel of dietitians based on a Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet. It uses a multidisciplinary approach, particularly, Ketosis method to lose weight, diet to lose weight, to ensure effective weight loss and long-term results. The goal of the ProGen Method is twofold: Firstly, to facilitate weight loss, and secondly to help you achieve the lifestyle changes required to maintain the weight loss.

Our in-house Physicians, Dietitians, Mitochondrial Activation Trainers, and Coaches work in coordination to ensure the best results.

The method is divided into two stages:

  1. The Fast Weight Loss Stage.
  2. The Genetic Metabolic Adaptation & Lifestyle Stage.
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The Fast Weight Loss Stage - Ketosis to Lose Weight

The first stage of treatment is based on a  Very Low-Calorie Keto Diet plan.  During this stage; you will reach your target weight thanks to a diet combining ProGen products containing high biological value proteins, and a selected list of vegetables.

During this stage, owing to the low intake of carbohydrates and fats, your body will enter into a state of controlled ketosis and start to draw on its energy reserves (fat). This ensures that the weight you lose will be primarily stored fat, preserving your muscle mass.

All this will be accompanied by the Mitochondrial Activation Training Session (MAT). The mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse. Trillions of mitochondria are distributed throughout our bodies. Depending upon the number of mitochondria and their functionality, our health status and life expectancy are determined. Your 30-minute sessions of specific exercises will functionally activate the existing mitochondria and also generate new mitochondrial cells.

The Genetic Metabolic Adaptation & Lifestyle Stage

The second stage of treatment is when you adapt to the new situation, and it’s just as important as the first one. During the first stage, your body will adjust to the physiological changes that will stabilize your hormonal system and basal metabolism rate. 

According to the results of your genetic test, different types of food will be progressively introduced into your diet to maintain your ideal weight. The diet is adapted to your individual needs and specific energy characteristics. During this stage of the treatment, you can enjoy a broad range of ProGen Lifestyle products, which provide high biological value protein and will help you to consolidate the healthy dietary habits you have acquired.

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