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Weight Loss Treatment In Bangalore

obesity treatment in coimbatore

Obesity is the current epidemic. We are witnessing an alarming surge in most developed and developing countries where a considerable population is either overweight or obese. Given the situation and to address the problem of obesity, the leading and popular weight loss treatment in Bangalore or in any city or town, is offered by both slimming and weight loss service centers.

In recent years, we have seen a significant rise in the number of slimming and weight loss service providers in urban and metropolitan cities across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Holistic weight loss solutions often focus on losing excess body mass and gaining better health that can result in long-term gains. ProGen provides the best weight loss services with its best centers for weight loss treatments in HRBR Layout, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, BEL Road, and Jayanagar which covers almost all the residential areas of Bangalore providing them easy access to weight loss treatment.

6 factors to look for in considering the best weight loss treatment in Bangalore

  1. There are several centers offering slimming and weight loss in major cities like Bangalore. But what works for you should be the main factor determining your decision. Health and weight loss should go hand-in-hand. Hence pick a weight loss solution provider with weight loss treatment that is health-driven. ProGen mainly focuses on reducing the risk of complications and promotes a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Check if the weight loss treatment provided is by certified medical weight loss management centers. Our ProGen centers have an end-to-end approach as it includes services such as body composition analysis, doctor consultation, dietary consultation, tailor-made diet programs, personal training, psychological counseling, lifestyle coaching, regular follow-ups, and motivation.
  3. Check if the weight loss treatment provided is scientifically proven. Any weight loss treatment not including a diet program is doomed to fail. For example, ProGen Weight Management offers weight loss treatments based on a very unique Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet. The weight loss treatment in Bangalore offered at ProGen can provide an opportunity to lose an average of 10 kgs per month and help them keep off the lost weight forever with lifestyle modifications and genetic metabolic adaptation.
  4. Retention of muscle is necessary while eliminating the fat mass in any weight loss treatment methods that are an important step in preventing the weight rebound effect and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Check if the weight loss treatment method offered by the weight loss service provider has the said feature.
  5. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss is based on the kind of fats that needs to be eliminated. Both subcutaneous (external) and visceral (internal) fats have to be broken down very effectively for effective weight loss. In the ProGen Method, the weight loss treatment methods adopted, it is ensured that both the fats are broken down and eliminated in the weight loss process.
  6. Check if medical supervision is present entirely through weight loss treatment and for maintaining the targetted weight. At ProGen you will be not only guided to lose weight but also help in maintaining the weight for the next two years with the guidance of our experts in the clinic.


Best Weight Loss Treatment in Bangalore - A Virtual Tour

Spoorthi Vishwas takes us through her experiences at ProGen Weight Management, providers of one of the top weight loss treatment in Bangalore.

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