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ProGen offers the best weight loss method which is based on a European medical treatment that is the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic diet protocol. The protocol focuses on sustainable weight loss by exclusively targeting fat cells, and keeping the muscle mass preserved in the long term.

The method comprises of 2 stages and a step by step process where the patient can evaluate the progress and proceed in accordance.The first stage of the method involves a protein diet which is scientifically proven to achieve safe and effective weight loss results from the start.The second stage of the method involves lifestyle management after weight loss which is guided by certified health professionals to make sure the weight is kept off forever.

The ProGen Method is personalised and focusses on the individual’s weight-loss requirements. It is a holistic approach that will be guided by a certified multidisciplinary team throughout the protocol, where medical support is provided, consultation and follow-up on the nutritional requirements and physical fitness training. Every component of the method incites a gradual change in habits that leads to losing weight in a short time with long-term health gains.

Diet plan for weight loss programs in Bangalore
Weight loss clinic in Bangalore advantages

ProGen Methods' Advantages

  • Short and long-term results.
  • Acquire new healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support and follow-up from a multidisciplinary team.
  • Wide variety of protein food products

Customer Testimonials on Weight Loss Programs in Bangalore

"ProGen Method was the best weight loss method suited for me. The results were magical and the best part was the ease with which I was able to sustain my results. Kudos to this wonderful Weight loss program Bangalore."


"Among the many Weight loss Programs in Bangalore, I was convinced from the start that ProGen Method might be the best. The diligence with which ProGen's team explained the nuances of weight loss was indeed an eye opener."

Sweta Singh

"ProGen Method's unique and individual approach for effective weight loss did everything right to me. It's indeed my opinion that it is one of the best weight loss programs in Bangalore available and the team indeed did a commendable job.


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