Diabetes Remission and Mr. Rao’s Weight Loss Story

Mr. Rao is a 55-year-old diabetic man, (HbA1c: 7.3). His weight stood at 89.6 kg when he started the ProGen Method. The main factor to lose weight was to stabilize his blood sugar levels to a normal range.

Niranjan Rao's Diabetic Remission

His health reports also showcased a high level of cholesterol. Over the course of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCK Diet) in the first month, Mr. Niranjan Rao followed the program very strictly. All his food, water, and supplement intake were monitored closely by the dietitian and doctor. He was able to enter ketosis within a few days. He lost 11.6 kg, along with a fat percentage reduction from 35.2% to 24.6%. The biggest highlights in his body composition were the reduction of visceral fat from 19% to 14.5% and an increase of muscle mass percentage from 61.3% to 66.5%. There was also a notable reduction in his cholesterol levels (236 to 131 mg/dL), HbA1c which went from 7.3% down to 5.7%.

Progressive Weight Loss Journey of Mr. Rao

Mr. Rao’s inner and outer transformation has been credited to his consistency and commitment towards the ProGen Method. The fast weight loss approach guided by the protocol of the VLCK Diet worked effectively with a combination of high biological value protein products that is extremely beneficial for muscle preservation. Through the strict approach guided by a multidisciplinary team of certified health care professionals comprising of doctors, dietitians, personal trainers, lifestyle, and psychological coaches; he experienced a progressive weight loss with significant improvements in his health parameters.

ProGen's Consistent Weight Loss Monitoring

Mr. Niranjan has completed the ProGen Method and seeing a noteworthy change in his vitals. He is motivated to maintain the lost weight through Stage 2 of the program called“Genetic Metabolic Adaption and Lifestyle Stage”, where he will be monitored for 2 years to develop lifestyle modifications to keep the lost weight off forever.

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