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Prediabetic Reversal – Deepak’s Weight Loss Story

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Mr. Deepak is a 40-year-old man, Prediabetic (HbA1c: 6.1) with high uric acid levels and a history of 1 gout attack 3 years ago. His weight stood at 117.7 kg when he started the ProGen Method. The main motivating factors to lose weight was to get his health back in place, get fit as being 40 years old is the ideal age for which one should take a crucial step towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Deepak's Weight Loss Journey with ProGen

His health reports showcased high levels of uric acid, cholesterol, and low levels of iron and vitamin D. Over the course of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet in the first month, Mr.Deepak followed the diet very strictly. All his food, water, and supplement intake were monitored closely by the dietitian and doctor. He was able to enter ketosis on the 3rd day. In 1 month, he lost 13.5 kg, along with a fat percentage reduction from 38.9% to 35.5%. The biggest highlights in his body composition were the reduction of visceral fat from 24% to 20% and an increase of muscle mass percentage from 58.4% to 61.2%. There was also a notable reduction in his cholesterol levels (LDL CHOLESTEROL: 136 to 66 mg/dL, LDL/HDL ratio: 4.7 to 2), HbA1c which went down to 5.5%, and an increase in his Vitamin D and Iron levels.

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ProGen's VLCK Diet for Deepak

Mr. Deepak’s inner and outer transformation has been credited to his strict efforts and commitment towards the ProGen Method. The fast weight loss approach guided by the protocol of the VLCK Diet worked effectively with a combination of high biological value protein products that is extremely beneficial for muscle preservation. These protein products that are developed by ProGen meet the highest industry and global standard for health and safety. Through the rigorous approach guided by the multidisciplinary team of certified health care professionals, he experienced a progressive weight loss with significant improvements in his health parameters without feeling hunger and an increase in his energy.

Progressive Weight Loss with ProGen

Mr. Deepak has completed the ProGen Method and reached 99kgs by the end of the program. He followed his transition phase (Phase 4) very strictly and then he moved to phase 5. He has been consuming healthy foods and keeping a check on weight as instructed by the dietitians for the past 5 months. It is observed that during the course of the maintenance phase he has seen progressive weight loss occur with the lifestyle changes he has incorporated.

ProGen's Weight Loss Monitoring for Life

Upon seeing noteworthy changes in his vitals, he was motivated to complete the program where he can lose weight rapidly and through Stage 2, “Genetic Metabolic Adaption and Lifestyle Stage”, he will be monitored for 2 years to develop lifestyle modification to keep the lost weight off forever.

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