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Diabetes Type 2 Reversal – Dr Jain’s Weight Loss Story

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Dr. Jain weighed 82 kgs and in this time endured the adverse outcomes of becoming obese that resulted in knee pain, signs of snoring brought out by sleep apnea, and lethargy. As a medical practitioner, she faced various mental and physical challenges which did not reflect well with her profession and tried everything possible to find an effective solution. It was at this point she was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2.

Dr. Jain knew weight loss would be the best solution to overcome the hurdles she faced and even reduce the risk of any further health conditions. She tried several diet programs and approached several companies that gave her unfavorable promises. When she heard about the ProGen Method, she was skeptical as she faced several challenges in the past to lose weight but she quickly changed her mind when she did the consultation and understood from the point of view of a medical professional the efficacy behind the protocol of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet. She gained confidence in the program when she lost 2.5 kgs in less than 5 days.

VLCK Diet Helps Decrease Blood Sugar Levels

As a diabetes type 2 patient, she followed the routine and took her medication regularly. Prior to the diet, her value was (HbA1c: 7.2) and her fasting blood sugar was in the range of 180 mg/dL. In the VLCK Diet, the state of ketosis which is brought out by a low-carb intake resulted in a decline in the fasting blood sugar levels. It was observed from the 5th day of the weight loss program, her sugar levels were coming down to below 100 mg/dL. This motivated her to continue till she reached her target weight. Due to the decline in the fat percentage(which is the primary reason for Diabetes Type2) her sugar levels were under control which led her to discontinue her medication. To date, she has not taken any of her medication for diabetes. After her weight loss, her blood fasting sugar (HBa1c 4.6) significantly dropped to the range of 85-95 mg/dL. It has been nearly 1.5 years since she lost weight and to date, she doesn’t take any medication.

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Support from ProGen's Multidisciplinary Team

Through the support of the multidisciplinary team, she stayed motivated and remained consistent with her weight loss and health goals. The journey continued and after 15 days, she dropped 4.5 kgs of weight. The results astounded her because with another diet program prior to taking up ProGen, she dropped 3 kgs in 3 months and quickly put the weight back on. 30 days into the ProGen Method, she dropped over 8kgs. When she saw what ProGen Method could help her achieve, she stuck to the program that helped her lose a total of 26kgs of weight.

ProGen Makes a Difference in Weight Loss Journeys

Dr. Jain experienced a lot of changes in her health and fitness. Firstly, her mindset towards exercising changed due to the support and motivation she got. Prior to experiencing the workout regimes at ProGen, she would fall sick after working out. As ProGen Method focuses on preserving lean muscle mass and stimulating muscle activity she was able to witness a complete change in her body helping her adapt well to the exercise program provided by the Mitochondrial Activation Trainers (MAT).

Dr. Jain's Weight Loss Story and Diabetes Control in a Nutshell

Dr. Jain was  able to control her sugar levels and over time reversed her Diabetes too. She is now permanently off metformin (a class of drug) that is administered to diabetic patients to help improve the way the body handles insulin. At age 50, she is leading an active life and maintaining her weight.

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