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Mrs. Singh Overcomes Prediabetic Condition with her Weight Loss

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Mrs. Singh is a 36-year-old woman, Diabetic (HbA1c: 6.3). Her weight stood at 100.9 kgs when she started the ProGen Method. The motivating factor to lose weight was to get her blood sugar levels stabilized to normal ranges.

High Levels of Cholesterol and VLCK Diet

Her health reports also showcased a high level of cholesterol. Over the course of the Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet (VLCK Diet) in the first month, Mrs.Singh followed the program very strictly. All her food, water, and supplement intake were monitored closely by the multidisciplinary team. She was able to enter ketosis within 3 days and lost 12 kgs in 4 weeks, along with a visceral fat percentage reduction from 23 to 18%. There was also a notable reduction in her cholesterol levels(230 to 130 mg/dL ), HbA1c which went from 6.3% down to 5.3%. Overall, Mrs. Singh lost 35.9 in 4 months.

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ProGen's High Biological Value Protein Products

Even though Mrs. Singh was located in another city, the multidisciplinary team at ProGen followed basic protocol to ensure every aspect of her weight loss progression was monitored online. Her willpower and determination along with constant follow-ups by the dietitian provided her the support she needed to progressively lose weight in the safest way possible. The fast weight loss approach based on the protocol of the VLCK Diet worked effectively with a combination of high biological value protein products that were extremely beneficial in preserving her muscle mass.

Progressive Weight Loss of Mrs. Singh

Over time she has experienced progressive weight loss with significant improvements in her health parameters. Mrs. Singh’s confidence has grown which resulted in an improved self-image. She has undergone a complete wardrobe overhaul due to the weight loss she has been able to achieve.

Maintaining and Monitoring the Weight Loss

Mr. Singh is currently maintaining her weight with the ProGen Method and seeing a noteworthy change in her vitals. She is motivated to maintain the lost weight through Stage 2 of the program called“Genetic Metabolic Adaption and Lifestyle Stage”, where he will be monitored for 2 years to develop lifestyle modifications to keep the lost weight off forever.

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