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Weight Loss Journey of Udit Padhi

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Mr. Padhi is a 26-year-old man, who weighed 158 kg; when he joined ProGen Method. Being a sportsman back in his school days, a sudden change of his lifestyle to a sedentary way, coupled with eating more of high calorie processed foods resulted in weight gain over the years. He suffered from various weight-related concerns such as low stamina, breathlessness, body pain while walking and climbing stairs. He previously tried several weight loss diets but none of them gave the results he desired, nor were they sustainable enough because once he moved back to his regular eating routine, it would result in a weight rebound effect. 

The effects of weight gain were also an added burden on his social life. He developed a lack of confidence, often did not participate in social events, and shied away from socializing with friends and family as he was very conscious about his appearance.

Udit found out about ProGen from an online search and what caught his attention on our website is how fast weight loss is possible to achieve. After connecting with us, we understood the difficulties he faced and gathered all the required information we needed to evaluate our approach. Since, he was located out of Bangalore, monitoring him extensively would be a challenge but with the support of technology, we would remotely connect and access all vital information we required to take him through the ProGen Method.

Through online consultations, Udit started with us in October 2020 and weighed 158kgs. As part of our protocol, we sent him all the protein-based products he needed and carried out consultations and personal training online. His determination to achieve his health and weight loss goals was seen from the very first day. Over the course of two months, he lost 25.3 kgs.

Around November, ProGen had developed a customized weight scale that helped us track his basic health parameters; his body weight, his muscle mass, his body fat (more specifically visceral fat), and his Basal Metabolic Rate. In the month of December, we sent him our ProGen digital weight scale to monitor his vitals closely through the course of his weight loss.

In December 2020, Udit weighed 132.7, still a long way to go but with every step, he was getting closer. With ProGen Method, he successfully lost 60.6 kgs in 6 months. He recently shared his experience with the ProGen Team when he mentioned how easy it is to stick to the protocol because of the support and motivation he is receiving to achieve his ideal weight loss and health goals.

With ProGen, he hasn’t hit a weight plateau or faced trouble preparing the foods, unlike the difficulty he experienced with other diet programs. Seeing his weight go down by 10 kg every month kept him going this long. His target weight is 80 kgs and he wants to maintain it for the rest of his life which is guided by ProGen’s multidisciplinary team. Through the course of the program, there were notable improvements in his body composition. However, it was only from December 2020, we were able to closely monitor his progress.

Weight Loss Progression in Values

  • Weight (from Dec 20 to Apr 21: 132.7 kgs to 97.4
  • Fat percentage drop (Overall fat mass in the body: 39% to 30.6%,
  • Visceral Fat (Type of fat that sits inside the abdominal cavity and wraps around your organs): 33 to 18
  • Muscle Mass(Overall muscle mass preserved and improved during weight loss): 52.8% to 66.9%

His strict adherence to the ProGen Method and self-discipline has resulted in these wonderful results and team ProGen is extremely happy to be a part of Mr.Udit’s Journey. In the beginning, Udit may have been skeptical about these results but our promise was what helped him lose over 60kgs all while seeing an improvement in his vitals. He is still on the ProGen Method and as he progresses through the course of the program, he will be within arm’s length of achieving his ideal health and weight loss goals.

Udit is a source of inspiration for the other clients here, at ProGen Weight Management.

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The Body Composition analyzer reports show the progressive weight loss Udit achieved from December 2020 to April 2021. Even though he started the diet in October 2020, it was only from December 2020, we were able to closely monitor his vitals with the help of our ProGen Weight Scale.

Body Composition Analyser & Health Monitor Reports - December 2020

3 Simple Tips to Drop Those weight

Body Composition Analyser & Health Monitor Reports - January 2021

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Body Composition Analyser & Health Monitor Reports - February 2021

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Body Composition Analyser & Health Monitor Reports - March 2021

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Body Composition Analyser & Health Monitor Reports - April 2021

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In the health monitor report, we see a progressive analysis from December 14, 2020, 2021 to April 20th, 2021 which shows a significant drop in his body fat mass percentage including his visceral fat level. This has resulted in the BMI dropping but his importance during weight loss is ensuring muscle mass preservation which he has not only achieved but seen an improvement which has led to a contribution in his body weight.

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