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Smoke-Free Success: Ashok’s Story of Kicking the Habit Alongside a Healthier Diet

My name is Ashok, and at 44 years old, I found myself struggling with weight issues, especially around my belly. My weight had reached 92.5 kg, with a body fat percentage of 37% and visceral fat at 20. On top of that, I was dealing with hypertension, requiring me to take Telma 40 mg regularly. I knew I needed a change, and that’s when I discovered the ProGen Method.

Before starting the diet, I had tried various approaches, including a high-fat keto diet, but unfortunately, the rebound effect was a constant battle. My lifestyle included chronic smoking of more than a pack a day, and I had developed a habit of excessive drinking. It was clear that I needed a structured plan to address my concerns about weight rebound and belly fat.

When I joined the ProGen Method, the team guided me through a personalised diet plan. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but my commitment towards weight loss and the daily support from the team kept me motivated. 

During the diet, one of the most significant achievements was eliminating alcohol entirely. With the guidance of the ProGen Method, I was able to focus on my health and break free from unhealthy habits. 

The Dietitian emphasised the connection between smoking and my breathlessness, and highlighted how quitting smoking would accelerate the weight loss process which motivated me to cut down my smoking habits. Instead of quitting abruptly, we aimed to smoke one less cigarette every two days. Substitutes like deep breathing exercises and protein rich meals helped curb cravings. Within a few weeks, I was breathing easier, feeling more energetic, and experiencing a newfound sense of control over my habits.

After following the ProGen Method diligently, the results were impressive. My body fat percentage dropped to 29%, and visceral fat reduced to 14. Not only did my physical health improve, but the personalised diet, combined with the triumph over smoking helped with my Hypertension, leading to a reduction in my medication to Telma 20 mg.

The most rewarding part is that I’ve been maintaining my weight for the last five months. The stubborn belly fat that had been bothering me for years is visibly reduced..

I want to express my gratitude to the ProGen Method team for their unwavering support and guidance throughout this transformative journey. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to health and weight management, I highly recommend the ProGen Method. It changed my life for the better, and I am living proof that it’s never too late to make positive changes for your well-being.

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