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How to lose weight fast at home? – Here are 10 best ways

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The onset of the pandemic and sudden lockdown for several months has lead to a major setback in our regular routine and lifestyle. In addition to that, the concept of work from home (WFS) which was earlier never seen as a viable option for several companies and corporations, is now a strategic component that is necessary to continue business operations and stability in these times. The lockdown has also paved way for change, most of which has had a negative impact on people’s mental health, physical health, eating habits and active lifestyle due to the restrictions in outdoor movements.  This has led to a surge in people becoming overweight and obese. Many of us are indeed thinking how to lose weight fast at home so that the weight gained can be reversed at the least.

Why should we prioritize Obesity-prevention and health in these times?

According to the Center for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC), “Having obesity, with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above, increases the risk for ‘severity’ of the illness from COVID-19.

Obesity is a health condition that is more than just a concept of calories intake. There are several factors that lead to Obesity such as genetic structure, metabolism, psychological, neurological and hormonal impairment.

It’s important to also know that obesity is linked to an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, sleep apnea, PCOD and certain types of cancers. Obesity is also known to impact inter-personal and social relationships.

What should we do to improve our health and well being?

It is important to acknowledge that if you suffer from being overweight or obese, it can be reversed by incorporating an effective weight loss regime and diet plan in making a change in one’s lifestyle choices. Miracle diets are advertised all over the internet for how to lose weight fast at home but what actually works is important to note. It all comes to critically understanding what makes sense and whether these diets are going to help you.

In these times, where we have to minimize social interactions and outdoor activities, it is vital that we do more than just eat, work and play at home. By utilizing the space around us, it is possible to lose weight at home by making the right choices that benefit us.

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Here are 10 best ways of how to lose weight fast at home

Many people ask how to lose weight fast at home. Their answers for how to lose weight from home in the comfort it offers in pandemic days has been enlisted and explained in brief.

1. Reduce intake of sugary drinks

There are large amounts of hidden sugar in many drinks, which surprisingly includes packaged fruit juices.

2. Replace simple carbs with dense carbs

Complex carbohydrates and dietary fibre keep sugar levels from shooting up, and get utilized over longer periods, hence reducing chances of getting converted to fats. Millets are a good choice of complex carbs which have a high satiety value and low Glycemic Index (GI).

3. Consume Proteins with High Biological Value

Eating high biological value proteins as a major part of your meal will not only satisfy your daily requirements of protein, but allow help in building and maintaining muscle mass. This inturn increases your Basal metabolic rate, which can gradually help in weight loss.

4. Perform Physical Activities

The above methods can work to its highest levels only if coupled with regular exercise, which can involve both resistance and aerobic kind.  Regular resistance training can improve muscle mass and help you burn fat as well.

5. Drink water before meals

Having a water-based starter such as clear soups or juices, or drinking a glass of water before an anticipated heavy meal can reduce the chances of over-eating.

6. Fix your biological clock

Circadian rhythm has time and again showed to have a great influence on weight by researchers. Practise a regular eating and sleeping schedule.

7. Change your food buying habits

Do not buy foods you are likely to binge on. Prepare a shopping list so that you’ll spend less time searching for things in the mart, less likely to come across unhealthy foods that you’ll crave for.

8. Snack on low carbohydrate vegetables.

Vegetables like gourds, cucumber, green leafy vegetables have low carbohydrates and make great snack options. These also help you to reduce your calorie intake.

9. Re-design your plate

Fill your plate with more of vegetables and fruits and lean meat, and less of cereals (As they are high amount of carbs). Add other healthy options like resistant starch and nut. This will help your body rely on its own stored fat to derive energy.

10. Opt for VLCK Diet

Many researchers have suggested the health benefits and drastic fat loss one can achieve through the Very Low Calorie–Ketogenic (VLCK) Diet, which consists of less than 800 kcals per day and less than 50 grams of carbohydrates. This is coupled with the recommended amount of High Biological Value Proteins i.e. 1gm of protein per kg of body weight (a successful approach introduced through the ProGen Method) gives very efficient weight loss and has shown to improve many aspects of health. 

When you choose the ProGen Method, you can as well do lose weight fast at home. Following are the 10 best reasons of why and how to lose weight from home with the ProGen Method.

1. Weight loss Consultation

One of the important steps taken in the ProGen Method is dietary consultation. This is the first step in the process where the certified dietitians take note of your previous diet, body type, metabolism, and health parameters to see if there are any underlying causes of obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, or any other medical conditions. These consultations are also done online if you are not comfortable visiting any of ProGen’s centers. A virtual presentation is also shared to give you clarity and what to expect in the program.

2. Anyone can do the ProGen Method

The ProGen Method is for anyone who has concerns about excess stubborn weight, obesity, or whose doctor has recommended that they will benefit from weight loss. Weight loss prevents or reverses medical conditions like Type-2 Diabetes, PCOD, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, risk of certain cancers, etc. New reports are emerging of how weight loss can reduce the severity of COVID-19. Since this is a diet carried out under strict medical supervision, it offers the assurance that you have professional support throughout the program.

3. ProGen Program is Personalized

One size doesn’t fit all. This is true to ProGen’s approach too. Since each individuals’ requirements, metabolism and other factors vary the ProGen Method is customized for everyone. If you are a person suffering from any underlying medical conditions, in addition to being obese or overweight, diet charts are designed specifically to help you reach your weight loss goals.

4. ProGen Method is a Structured Weight Loss Method

The program is broken down into two stages, where the first stage is essential for weight loss. This stage is called the “Fast Weight Loss Stage”. In this stage, the program is broken down into three phases. As you progress towards your ideal weight, you advance through each phase. You are provided dietary charts which include a category of foods that are essential for your diet.

This is based on medical research and this approach helps you to enter controlled ketosis between 2-5 days. The foods are clubbed with high biological value protein products which help preserve muscle mass during the fast weight loss.

5. High Biological Value Protein

The protein products from ProGen are naturally sourced from dals, soy, and milk which have different flavors, textures, and consistencies such as Oatmeal, Pancake, Crunch Bars, Soups, Dosa, Beverages, Bbq Chips, etc. You will be provided a choice of 21+ products that are ready-to-eat and ready-to-do products. The ProGen Products are extremely beneficial as they are designed to preserve muscle mass during weight loss and strengthen the body’s ability to burn fat at a rapid rate. The ProGen Method has the highest industry standards and quality certified by health and safety regulation bodies like FSSAI, CE, and FDA.

6. Quality Insights Into Nutrition

The dietitians at ProGen are certified and they provide ample information to help you understand the nuances of ProGen Method. Apart from being a nutrition guide, the dietitians are experts in providing a detailed account of the food you consume, the diet and the importance of health and wellbeing.

7. Personal Training Session

The ProGen Method includes personal training which is also known as Mitochondrial Activation Training (MAT). The workout routines are designed to target the intra-muscular fat, a type of fat found within muscles. The type of exercises included in your workout regime also takes into account the low-calorie intake of the diet. Workout programs are created to help tone the body and enhance the strength of your muscle mass which ultimately results in faster weight loss.

8. Genetic Metabolic Adaptation & Lifestyle Stage

This is the second stage of the ProGen Method which involves two phases also known as phases 4 and 5. This stage includes the re-introduction of all food types slowly into the diet in accordance with the genetic test that you are asked to undergo. New dietary habits are developed, and this becomes the platform for maintaining the determined target weight.

9. Genetic Test

The ProGen Method takes the weight loss methods a step further with the genetic test. In the 2nd stage of the program, you will be made to do a genetic test that provides details on how efficiently your body metabolizes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is with this information the multidisciplinary team creates a personalized diet around the regular food you consume.

10. Result Oriented Approach

The structure of the ProGen Method makes it one of the favorite programs for weight loss. In these current times, the ProGen Method is suitable for anyone having any weight loss or health goals as it provides results based on scientific and medical research. With the help of a multidisciplinary team, anyone across India can enroll for the program, do a consultation, have the ProGen products delivered at your doorstep, do online personal training sessions, and be guided through the ProGen Method.

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