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Understanding protein

There is nothing new when I verbalize that protein is one of the most important and often ignored macronutrients. Without protein, your body can barely function. You require protein to build and maintain muscle mass, help in hormonal secretions, and amend immunity by killing bacteria and viruses. The right amount of protein also helps with satiety and weight management.

Ok, so to understand this better let’s Dig a bit deeper.

What are proteins made up of?

Proteins are composed of amino acids. There are 20 available amino acids in nature, out of which 9 are termed ‘Essential amino acids’; these are not produced by our bodies. Hence, we have to satisfy their requirement through our diet. Kudos to meat-eaters, animal sources to a greater extent is complete proteins. The non-meat eaters are also in advantage as they can manage to get their complete proteins by a combination of food (like rice with beans, legumes with whole grains).

Next, we have to understand something called the biological value of protein. This is the quantification of the percentage of protein ingested into the body. To be more precise, this is a number assigned to a protein from 0 up until 100, which denotes how well it is absorbed by the human body.

Moving on it’s important to know that unlike carbs and fats, excess proteins don’t get stored in the body. Unused proteins are excreted, so you have to meet the requirement of protein every single day. You have to eat the right protein in the right amount every day.

Why am I lecturing about proteins? Why are all these crucial to know?

Proteins give you satiety, a feeling of fullness. If you aren’t having enough protein, you tend to fill up on carbs and fats for those extra calories and satiation. More carbs than required has so many disadvantages. It increases blood sugar, it may lead to diabetes, heart diseases, and more importantly, increases the fat in your body at the cost of muscle loss.

So it would be precise if I say, ‘Protein is one of the key factors in maintaining your weight and muscle mass’. We at ProGen Weight management understand this better than any other place. All our products are designed with high biological value complete proteins. They help you in the process of weight loss without compromising your muscle mass. Moreover, by replacing your carbs and fats with the right amount of proteins like in our ProGen method you reduce the hunger hormone and boost your satiety hormone. So, a weight loss journey with a low-calorie diet and without hunger is made possible at ProGen. Book at Complimentary first visit today at ProGen weight management and start your journey of weight loss backed by science.

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