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Sayeed Khan’s Tryst with Weight Loss at ProGen

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Young at heart and 54 years old, Mr. Sayeed Khan saw the need to lose weight to stay in good health and avoid any health-related complications.
For over four years I carried the burden of being overweight in a family of comparatively fit individuals. I was 95 kg and had a constant struggle to lose weight. I tried by going to the gym, but the intense workout took a toll on my body and the 4 – 5 kg I shed during the months was easily gained when I stopped visiting the gym. My family and friends would constantly bring to my notice about the weight I had gained, and this motivated me to work hard to lose the extra kg I had gained.

I have seen my father struggle while being ill and overweight; we faced difficulty in bringing him up and down two flights of stairs. This is thought that is always on my mind, and a factor that played that triggered a huge role in motivating me to lose weight.

As I was shifting careers, I ventured into the health and wellness segment with ProGen Weight Management. Undeterred by the fact that I was someone who was overweight, I joined the weight loss management company as I saw promise and value for my career. For nearly six months since I started working here, it did not strike me once that there was absolute value and result coming out from the clients who underwent weight loss treatment. I was a little apprehensive at first because I was not sure whether the treatment would help me. Overcoming my fears and doubts, I decided to do the ProGen Method. As I immersed myself into the program, I realized that there was expertise and scientific methodology in place and I underwent the treatment just like every other client that walked through the doors. It was remarkable and I achieved my weight loss goals. Without modifying my energy levels and my diet to a great extent, I was able to achieve my set goal! In the first 2 months of the program I lost 16 kg! After a break of 4 months, I re-joined the program and lost another 4 kg.

The program at ProGen worked like a miracle. It has brought about a huge change in my life! I am more active and energetic compared to my earlier lifestyle. For someone like me, who loves to eat, the first 2 days of the program was a struggle. I believe there was an emotional hunger that I experienced. I pushed myself through this obstacle and overcame my urge to consume large quantity of food.

My pants which were initially 40 inches waist are now 35 inches! I am able to fit into clothing from 10 – 12 years ago. Activities which I could not previously take part in now seem easy for me to do. I can cycle now! I have high energy levels, and I believe that I look and feel so much younger! My body feels healthy and happy.


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