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Best profitable franchise for healthcare weight loss in Maharashtra, India

Since its opening in Bangalore in 2020, ProGen Weight Management has opened seven branches across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The Praxis Media Awards recognized ProGen Weight Management as the best weight loss company in Karnataka.


The average rate of return on investment is anywhere between 129% to 199% in a span of 5 years. Since Progen is a FOFO model, the franchisee is provided with the benefits of handling all daily processes independently. Progen provides assistance in marketing in national and electronic media as well. Several key elements propelled Progen to be one of India’s best non-invasive weight loss franchises.  


Progen is consistent with its services and has a positive feedback ratio of 99%. While maintaining consistency, Progen is able to keep customers on their toes with constant product incorporations with local delicacies, ensuring that their weight loss is an enjoyable experience.


With more than 10 franchises in India within 2 years of its establishment, ProGen has proven to be the best at providing a weight loss method with results.


With more than 10 weight loss franchises in India established within two years of its establishment, ProGen Weight Management has demonstrated itself to be a leader in providing a solution-oriented weight loss method.


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