Multidisciplinary Team

ProGen Method’s high success rate lies in its multidisciplinary approach for weight loss. The support of a specialized team of certifiedhealth professionals are there to help you achieve your ideal health and weight loss goals. With the support of our doctors, dietitians, weight loss trainers, and specialized lifestyle and psychological coaches, we are a holistic team that is there with you every step of the way.

The Physician​

Our team of Doctors ensures that your treatment is safe and effective by defining a protocol for laboratory tests, ECG and genetic tests. Everything will be designed to meet your required needs.


Certified Dietitian​ for Weight Loss

They will analyze your needs, work with you to set the weight loss goals and help you to implement our method, advise you on the choice and preparation of ProGen products and also will suggest a variety of recipes for your diet. They will resolve your doubts which you may have about everything relating to nutrition, complementing the work of the Physician. The dietitians will help you establish healthy dietary habits that you can maintain throughout your life.

The Physical Activity Trainers​

Your personal weight loss trainer will assist you during your Mitochondrial Activation Training sessions that will take place twice a week at our clinics. They will demonstrate your routine and monitor your progress in order to improve the function of your mitochondria while you are getting into shape. Any queries related to general fitness can be clarified with them.

Sachin the weight loss trainer bangalore

The Health Coaches

Our Health Coaches provide the necessary tools to overcome internal resistance and behavior related to food.

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