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Is healthcare a good investment in India?

Over the last five years, the country’s healthcare sector has grown rapidly, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 22% between 2016–22 to reach US$ 372 billion in 2022 from US$ 110 billion in 2016. As a result of its significant revenue and employment potential, healthcare has become one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy. 

Indian healthcare has grown as a result of several factors, including an ageing population, a growing middle class, an increasing number of lifestyle diseases, heightened interest from investors and increased foreign direct investment inflows over the last two decades, the rapid adoption of digital technologies, including telemedicine, as well as increased public-private partnerships.

As one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, India has welcomed large amounts of foreign direct investment (FDI) since 2000-01, which has grown to USD 50 Billion in 2019-20. Investor interest in the healthcare sector has risen significantly over the past few years, with transaction values rising from USD 94 Million (2011) to USD 1,275 Million (2016) – a jump of over 13.5 times. As a result of all of these factors, the Indian healthcare industry offers several opportunities for investors.

Would you be interested in investing in the healthcare sector? 



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