The ProGen Method is tailored to your specific genetic makeup and needs. You will be assisted by a multidisciplinary team of certified experts who will provide you with medical support as well as personalized coaching, that is not only designed to help you lose weight but also to keep it off forever

The Progen Method offers a wide range of protein products produced according to the highest industry standards and quality. They are available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

ProGen Weight Management offers a wide range of products with varied flavors, textures, and consistencies to suit different tastes and daily habits. These ProGen products are not only designed to satisfy your hunger but also to help your cravings during a weight loss journey. The range includes savory dishes, such as soups, custards, crunch bars, and cappuccinos – to name a few, and a wide variety of desserts and other ready-to-eat products. Having a wide range of convenient options allows you to prepare appetizing meals at all stages.

The method comprises 2 stages and a step-by-step process where the patient can evaluate the progress and proceed in accordance. The first stage of the method involves a protein diet which is scientifically proven to achieve safe and effective weight loss results from the start. The second stage of the method involves Genetic metabolic adaptation and lifestyle management after weight loss which is guided by certified health professionals to make sure the weight is kept off forever. So if you have questions about how to lose weight fast or the Weight Loss Center in Bangalore in mind then Progen is the best place for you.

Make the countries where we are the healthiest in the world.

ProGen Weight Management strives to help those who wish to be healthier, to accomplish their goals by providing clinics with multidisciplinary staff and the technological tools to make it possible. ProGen is among the best in weight loss centers in Asia & Middle East.

Founding Partners of ProGen Weight Management

Christian Mahy

Christian Mahy
Founding Partner of ProGen Weight Management
Mr. Christian Mahy has over 30 years of experience in Leadership and Business. He was the founder and member of the board of the PronoKal Group. He is specialized in a varied skillset across sales and marketing with talent development and expertise in organizational consulting and coaching business fundamentals. For over 15 years, he has worked extensively in medical and nutritional programs with the fundamental objective to improve people’s health and quality of life.

Noemi Gil

Founding Partner of ProGen Weight Management
Ms. Noemi was the former Director of the Nutrition and Dietitian department at the PronoKal Group and has done Graduation in Human Nutrition & Dietetics field of Study at Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). She is helping people to live healthier, fitter and longer for the past 20 years.  

Dr. Joan Fondevila

Founding Partner of ProGen Weight Management
Dr. Joan is specialized in Community medicine and was the former international CEO at the PronoKal Group, and holds a Masters in the Field Of Health Economics and Health Management in IDEC: Pompeu Fabra University.

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