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Bangalore, Mumbai
Posted 3 years ago

Driven by science, inspired by results.

Description of the position: 

We are looking for knowledgeable Dietitians who are passionate about helping patients achieve their goals and lead healthier lives. Dietician will work according to the ProGen Method protocol and need to develop trusting partnerships with their patients. They may also participate and create trainings, demonstrations and seminars to inform the public about the ProGen Method and to promote healthier lifestyle habits.

They should be analytical, caring, and knowledgeable with good communication, active listening, problem-solving and with computer skills. They should be passionate public speakers who can get others exited about health and the ProGen Method. 

Dietitian responsibilities:

  • Listening to patients to know about their goals and challenges.
  • Prescribing the nutrition plan and physical activity according to the ProGen Method.
  • Compiling information and tracking patient progress towards their health goals.
  • Entering patient information in database.
  • Speaking to groups to promote the ProGen Method and to promote health.

Dietitian requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in nutrition.
  • Additional education or experience may be preferred.
  • Licenses or additional certifications may be required.
  • Exceptional communication, problem-solving, public speaking and listening skills.
  • Willingness to continue training and research to keep updated about the latest discoveries and developments in the field.
  • Strong computer and data entry skills.
  • Compassion and genuine interest in helping others develop better eating habits.

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